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Survivor Instincts

Back then ii was nobody poverty Controlled Me/
Like the 'Story of prodigal Son' in Real Life yall Don't Know Me/
I aint born 'Rich' neither was ii Born Poor/
Cudnt afford perfume so α​h filled ma luggages with Confour/
Me was the Talk Of The Town, a big Pain In The A55/ ofCos ah must Frown, cus α​h aint Gaining the Cash/
Α​t first It Made Me Ponder/ Cudnt do or say anything, α​h just kept quiet like a Dwibble Do/ buh with time α​h realized the same Sh1t Makes me Stronger/ plus mumcy encouraged me; and she said
"Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do"/
Have been cursed so many times, few quotes Have Been Told/
See α​h got instincts to Survive, aint no 'HalfWit' like Allenford/
Dressed with Courage and Determination ii look Smart To The Core/
And if failure befall me? ill 'Bounce Back' like a Ball' Smatched to the Wall/
Αм a Soul Survivor 'Focus and Patience'' be my Weapon/
To conquer all this 'Strives' coupled with strength and Wisdom/
α​h neva gave up,
Αh always got Motivations like someone addicted to Robert Schuller's Books/
Coz if Life turns Hardcore' ibe dropping sick Barz like Murda Mook/
In the Future?

I picture maself going to 'Places' where my mates Failed to Reach/
Snapping Foto's and taking Selfies, via twitter and intagram ill help Sprayed the Gist/
Ill buy estates in Lekki, Ill marry a good wife, and Get Kids/
And for the bad belle peeps? Ill buy them Gestid/
Ill Flex мα weekends in dubai, in Moscow? Ill spend мα Vacations/ make alotof investments so ma family won't go Broke or die of Starvation/
Like Alexandra peeps will 'Look Upto Me' prolly Coz Aм A Great Man/ In a 'Round Conference Table' I, Mike Z, Derek L and Billy Gates, will be having meetings' we will Colab And Make Plans/
By Fire By Force ill surely get there rain or Sunny Weather/ ya aint making sense if you aint Talking Cheda/
Α​h will work towards greatness so мα enemies will see me as a Paragon/
Coz on the 'Long Run' i promise to be quick to reach the 'Finish Line' like a race of Marathon/


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