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Err Culture view Bad Omen in a Different Way/
In this article α​h got couple of Reference Laid/
That'll prolly make us understand Bad Omen signs Äη∂ Superstition/
For those who may not understand, shud sort for Supervision/
Bad Omen got a lot of Myth and Facts/
Buh some people tend to see these Beliefs as Craps/
At least we'know more bout Bad Omen, from the List Below/
They say a Child's growth will stop, when you pass her through the Window/
To see a spider in the morning its a Sign of Grief/
A 'black cat' crossing your path' twil prolly make your Mind to Freak/
A mug or Cup Breaking/
On your way to your office, you stucked α​t the Bus Stop Waiting/
For Bus?, ofcoz that's Plain Bad Luck
Opening an Umbrella Indoor,/
Breaking of Mirror,/
Or the superstition behind Friday 13th?/
Calling a doctor for the first time on a
Friday, the omen of death is Certain/
The list goes On and On/
Like Spilling Salt/
or 'spitting in public? That's a Big Insult/
To the 'Invisible Spirit' your spit may Land On/
The spitter will be Curse, a Curse?
Ɣǝ̥§!! if you develop 'knee injury' like Roy BRandon/
Α​h was neva a Victim, Buh i could remember my days in Boarding School, Nothing New/
Just Breaking Bounds, and making em Ugly Ladies Frown
Stubborn headed students who don't care bout the Fvcking Rules/
We were warned not to throw stones on trees or Flash Torch α​t Night/ i kept Asking Why/ they said bCause α​tTimes/
A ghost' maybe Passing Bye/ sh1t will get Very Bad/ if you's a Victim
The 'wages of your sin' will be a Heavy Slap/
Sounds Silly Huh?
Superstition to some, buh reality to Many People/
Мα advice is Very Simple/
Make a decision on what to Believe/
and what not to
The Ball is your Court, knowing the Truth is Worth a Relief/



  • LooNLooN DXB O.G.
    I like this.
    IMO nothing makes a script better than when it passes a message/knowledge
  • ThaTha AbujaO.Y.G.
  • LooNLooN DXB O.G.
    The next tourney will come up by June.
    The prize will be higher and the criteria for joining will be to have a certain minimum of Dope Points on the forum.
  • ThaTha AbujaO.Y.G.
    Thats cool.
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