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Its Lime'Rick Horrocore

On Some throw back shit

Three years representing.... I've been in practise/ at this point; I'm
supposed to be married to The Game like Tiffney Cambridge!!/
Battle-wise, never was I the first to pull triggers/ buh I ended few
bullets always going round these animals...... like Restless zoo keepers!!/
I had the world in my palm/.... from the dawgs to the kats/
JigSaw and I on FFR, we shook the walls to the ground/
Back to Back disses, 'swot we do, raising up wars from the sands/
Constantly flipping these schemes.......... with the Laws of karma!!/
alotta thugs on my back.....
and my hommies too/
Now I've got more eyes on me......... than the Frozen Foods!!!/ I culd
brag to rap in line/ buh I'm glad I'm rap inclined/
Hip hop without me..... is like a man without his spine!!/
I get dewormed on every joint....yall long to see my sh*t!/
Lyrically droppin' sick beds...... Nobody wants to sleep on it!!/
I'm a staff in the buisness/
you fellas' raps are for children/
I'm `above ground level`...... Like a house in its Lintel!!/ I'm like
this man must be lifted/ so I packed the hot girls/
those at the top dey use "Jazz"? Oya pass the "drumset"/ Buh really, I
had enough said/ the truth we have is not heard/ Cos if actually....
It was the survival of the 'fittest'..... Giyaz would have been Long
'No shots', to be sincere; you cnt even see me on boxers!/
schooling these dawgs, my book o' rhymes is kept under their Lockers!!/
my lyricism is witnessed in hell/ monetary wise? the biggest to spend/
I'm raising money, yu raising dust..... Nigga fuckit' the difference is clear!!/
Rappers be slumbering recently..... they burst and fans becomes dizzy/
these emcees are 'Nothing good'; on every bout, they 'come easy'!!/
Buh I've got the shitt mastered/ a Lord to these rascals/
Call me the roof of an Orphanage; I'm on top of these bastards!!/
technically the cause of these hazzards/ as my brain spawning arrows/
I'm a god in this game...... and I aint talking Kratos!/
this nigger a doppe fella/
Getting enuff o' those cheddahs/
I dey make my doe'.... Una dey 'Carry Lime for head' like Agbo
Sellers!!/ Buh nigga Wait, Dnt Quiver/ I'm just about to go realer/
Phoenix was the wolf pack.... and Lime'Rick be the show killer/ back
then, my 'wolfpack' harboured the best...... we were doppe and
flawless/ we took the road for drugheads/ buh when it sloped we
and they culd all confess they f*cked up... If these blokes are honest/
So I 'quickly left the pack'..... Like I stole a wallet!!/ fuckit I'm
so dishonest/ the truth only stood in my bullet/ and when I shoot, its
delibrate/ the original King of the South..... who tha f*ck are these
dudes to have claimed it/
I'm talkin' 6ix and Slimbuck..... I terrorized the east and the
north..... with perfect 'deliveries, all thrice as good' as a
'triplet'!!!/ Ok Lets assume they were gifted/ they still best
regarding me/ cuz I've kicked more bars than obsessed detergents
freaks/ I'm a dad to these fakers/ anyone bragging they greater/ would
be neatly kept in a bag...... thats their bodies packaged by mayers!!/
I'm a beast and a demon/ from the pit of the Legion/ Battling me is
like a friend request from an Ifa priest to Olympus/
Cuz you'd drop dead when I scatter yo' body.... and leave it in bits
like its pixels/ but then, I'ma kill your spirit before you drop......
Check out Limerick vs Jigsaw!!/
Na les face facts...
yall accounts be frozen/ and as the year be closing/ my money coming
in pounds and in yens/
we cant be ffuck rituals..... I'm steady gettin' 'an
arm and a leg'!!/
Buh I culd be a clown at the end/ wait... ffuck clown, am a hot
starboy/ My album..... I'm 'paid to release' and its not Ransome!/ on
some armaggedon sshit..... Rappers tryna square up?...... I get
aggitated and `come after them(damn)` `I saw that punch!!`/


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