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edited April 2015 in Introductions
I'm a Systems analyst, an aquarian and obviously a muzik junky. I listen to a lot of muzik from different genre's but I haven't made any; at least not yet. But I'm planning on making a whole lot of good muzik so watch out. Follow me on twitter @solidloon.
And Welcome to Muzik Streets.


  • Nice
  • Hellow fellow aquarian!
  • LooNLooN DXB O.G.
    So you are aquarian, that explains a lot!
  • I said the same thing when I saw your post. Lol.
  • GIYAZGIYAZ DeliriumO.Y.G.
    Hello, my name is G'IYAZ, I'm an upcoming rapper. . . But for the time I'm just battling for fun and the money when it's available. Lol. Been Rap battling on Nl and facebook, won a lot of battles that I've lost count of, Lol. I'm a vet technically and I'm here to kill!!!!
  • I'm LeonMacJames. LmJ for short. A pain in the neck I am definitely not.
    I came here from nairaland to explore my potential.
    And I hope my success in this site is gonna be sequential.
    I'm new in the game ,so I might need advice from the PRO's
    So one day fans would queue to see my shows.
    U might notice that my introduction is a rap.
    But unfortunately for me I won't be able to hear you clap.
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